Let’s Jump

Jumping off the bridge into the blog pond tonight is, okay, a little scary because quite frankly I don't know what I'm doing. But, I just won't know if I don't try, so, eyes closed, fists clinched . . . 1-2-3 JUMP!

The name was of course the first challenge. Daughter Caitlin and husband Tom tried to help, and you'll appreciate all the proposed names.

  • LMac Embellishments. I actually liked this one but couldn't get TypePad to accept it.
  • Let's Crops and Roll. Let's face it, I was never a heavy rocker
  • Stamp between the Lines
  • Stamp-a-Faire
  • Stamper Sampler
  • Edge Creek Creations
  • And, the best of all, but a little too crass, Full of Crop

In the end, I decided on "Catered Crops" because I hope to cater this blog to your design needs and crop because, well, a scrapbooking crop is nothing more than friends who gather to feed each others' design mojo. I suspect I'll be more inspired by you than you by me . . . but, we'll jump off here together.

Dear Readers – if by chance you are reading this very old post – please disregard the following ingredient list. We are testing out the new Inlinkz Project Manager widget.


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