Office Inspired

I love adding office supplies to my scrapbooks and cards: paper clips, tags, mini-folders, staples, stencils, transparency sheets, Rolodex cards, envelopes, brads, labels . . . Is it because my Dad was an accounting teacher before he was a school administrator or that my husband is a finance manager? Or, maybe it gives voice to my type-A-style organization fetish. Who knows, but when I saw the office-inspired things coming into March’s Spring mini catalog, you know I had to place my advance order ASAP! (Getting to order in advance of the catalog’s public debut makes me feel so special.) Here’s a sneak peak of what UPS brought me today from the new "Office Accourtrement" accessories. (Click on it to see a larger image of it.) My Dad always balanced his checkbook by entering all his checks on an old fashioned bookkeeping ledger. The Notations paper, round tab and spiral punches take me back to high school bookkeeping classes and my Dad; I can just see his handwriting. This is so my style, and I can’t wait to use it.


If, like me, you have an embarrassingly large assortment of stamp sets, here are some organization tips for you.

  • Before you mount your stamps and your stamp-label stickers are still intact, make two copies of the sticker sheets. Trim one copy down to keep in the box with your stamps so that you have a master of all the stamps in the set should they get separated. Three-hole punch the second copy and keep it in a three-ring binder as your desk master list. Then, when you’re looking for just the right element you can breeze through your pages. I also write on the copies where the stamps came from, e.g., Sell-a-Bration 2006, or Hostess Set 2006.
  • Mark your catalogs as you place your orders by placing a check mark either on the index page and/or on the product description pages. That will help keep you from, say, ordering the same color ribbon twice.
  • And, finally, click below to download an Excel file that contains a list of all the stamps in the current Idea Book and Catalog. Use the right column to keep track of your inventory, then you can sort to your heart’s content. Just a caveat that I haven’t used this file yet to vouch for it’s completeness (my apologies that I can’t remember the source). It also does not include the stamps from the mini catalogs or Sell-a-Bration, but you can always add them. And, check it out, with the price included, you can get a total of the value of all your stamps. (Be sure to destroy the evidence, but, hey, maybe your insurance agent should know why you need to increase your homeowner insurance.) Download stamp_sets.xls

With an office-inspired stamp set, organization just seems apropos. So . . . file away. And, if you have other organization tips for crafters, please leave a comment for others (like me) to read. Meanwhile, I’ll be fonding my new favs.