Embellished Hair?!

Green_streak2So, how committed am I to my art?! I embellished my hair today. Okay, it’s been kind of a rough go this past year with family illness, moves, blah-blah . . . So I decided I’ve earned a little eccentricity and I had a hairdresser in cahoots with me.

Here’s a peak. Hey, wonder if an embossing gun makes a good hair dryer? Eyelets for earrings? Pearl-Ex for eye shadow? Somebody put me away if I start pointing that crop-a-dile toward my face (or any body part for that matter).

Green_streak_1 And here’s me in all my gorgeous splendor! I love it! My new Spring do with just a little Glorious Green streak is the best cure for these winter blahs – I highly recommend it.

Here’s hoping you find a fun way to embrace your art today.


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