A Forest Gump Moment

Moms love you and all you do, mine is no exception. She even endured a scrapbooking retreat two years ago and made a page about my Dad, the Captain. This is her favorite picture of him, "the man she fell in love with." She also picked out the paper for my page about her – she said anything about her had to be about music. And, my adorable twin finished her daughter's senior-year scrapbook at that retreat. My favorite people doing my favorite pastime together, what could be better? We have precious memories. If you ever wonder why we spend so much time and energy scrapbooking, well, this picture says it all for me.


I sort of made an unspoken promise to you when I started this blog that I would use it only to provide information and inspiration. I vowed I would limit its content to only topics that help promote our craft and not so much about the minutia of the McClain household. But, that said, my little paper craft projects are very much a voice for what’s in my heart and I would like to bend that vow a bit to share this one personal note. My mother’s health is deteriorating quickly. They call Alzheimer’s the “long goodbye,” so we have been saying goodbye in very sweet and precious ways, but it appears she is getting ready to give us her final goodbye. Crafting is my lifeline, so you’ll still hear from me, but if my posts are a little mushy for a while, just know my emotions are a little tender. I love my Mom dearly, and, of course, no one loves you back like a Mom.

A doctor once told us that dealing with terminal disease is like staring at the sun, you have to turn away from it from time to time. We’ve had our share of that bright sun these past years but dear friends and family and crafting bring me such joy that you are my shade. So, I’d like to take a little selfish moment to send lots of hugs to my fellow nurses at St. David’s hospital for picking up extra shifts and their kind words, to Mom’s tender caregivers who are so generous with the love the shower over her, and to you for continuing to be the audience to my crafter’s voice. If a prayer should escape your lips in our family’s name, we would certainly appreciate that. Now, as Forest Gump would say, “and that’s all I’m going to say about that.”


Sweet Comments

  1. Linda, I’m so glad that you have that wonderful memory with your mom and your sister. I love that we have scrapbooking for therapy. It always feels good to get your feelings out on paper (and it helps when it is pretty). :) Will be praying for you and your family.