Darling Doodle Diva

Img_0932_3She’s a darling doodle diva . . . Melissa Smith. Yeah, she may deny it, but I know she’s a free spirit. I’ve got the goods on you, Melissa. Check out the doodles on Exhibit A, her white dots on the black matting around the focal point of her card. And I submit to you, Exhibit B, the free-style embellishment with the white signo pen around the swirls.

Img_0928Melissa is such a masterful magician, she can create fun and whimsical cards but also elegant, delicate designs all out of the very same stamp set. Besides being a skillful artist, she’s also an incredible business woman and "home engineer." Guess you could say she’s got the left and right brains cranking (mine are just trying to wake each other up). I must just have killer karma, though, to be so fortunate to have Melissa as my Stampin’ Up! upline and mentor.

Okay, here’s the verdict, Melissa’s entire card using the Doodle This set from the Spring Mini. Yep, its a success story.


My accommodating guest artist stands accused of being a Chica Chica Boom Chic, a Darling Doodle Diva, what’s next? Melissa, are you scared? Stay tuned, I’ve saved her best creation for last.


Sweet Comments

  1. Jackie in NC says:

    Ok, this is not helping me resist buying that set! What a pretty card!

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