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Seal_2Oh stampers, there are so many great tips out there that I thought I’d start a series we’ll call Tipsy Tuesday, oops, I mean Tip Tuesday. I even created a seal for the occasion and made up a Latin phrase for our motto. That is, I hope Carpe Artem means "seize the art." (On a Tipsy Tuesday with no Latin training I probably combined words that mean seize the artist or something similarly obscene.)

I thought since Spring is so abundantly around us we’d start with Spring cleaning tips. Now, before I share these tips, let me just tell you my philosophy about stamping and cleaning: If you don’t have ink and paint and glue and glitter up to your elbows, and your stamps don’t have a few random ink smudges, well, you’re just not having enough fun yet. But, then, I’ll admit that too much mess can rub off onto your creations, and that’s not good either.  In the spirit of embracing and enhancing our art, here are a few tips or lessons learned.

  • Keep baby wipes handy. They work reasonably well for removing ink off your hands and for "degunking" scissors.
  • Before you start embossing, wipe the interior of your tidy tray with a used dryer sheet to make the embossing powder or glitter flow effortlessly back into your container when you’re done.
  • Use a lint roller (the kind with the peel-off tape) to run over the table, floor, your clothes, the dog, the baby (you get the idea) after using embossing powder or glitter. It will save you from finding glitter weeks later. Personally, I just tell people glitter is part of my room’s design motif – shabby chic meets diva princess. And, let’s face it, glitter goes with everything, darlings.
  • Line your supply drawers with rubbery shelf liners so things won’t slide around in the drawers.
  • Makes lots of Get Well cards to put on your mantle. When someone drops in unexpectedly and your house is a mess because you’ve been stamping all day instead of cleaning, they’ll think you’ve been too sick to clean.

If you’re feeling tipsy and have a few to share, e-mail me or leave a comment here with your tip, and we’ll feature your’s next Tuesday. Meanwhile, Carpe Artem.


Sweet Comments

  1. Great tips! Here’s a tip that I would like to share with others…Keep SmudgeGuard handy as it helps eliminate smudges when writing and drawing. The SmudgeGuard is great for sketch artists and lefties. I bought my son one and it really works! My son is thrilled! Check it out at http://www.SmudgeGuard.com.

  2. Ha ha – I like the get well card tip – GREAT idea!! :)

  3. What a beautiful blog! I’ve bookmarked you and Thank you for sharing your hints and tips. I’ll browse more as time allows.

  4. Hee hee! That last tip made me spit diet pepsi all over my computer screen.
    My tip, I use a label maker to make labels for my SU boxes, the SU labels are too small.

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