You Crackle Me Up – The Sequel

Yesterday you learned how to use crackle medium to create a fun, unpredictable cracked wood look. Using the same technique but just changing colors you can get also get an aged leather look.


This suitcase box from Hobby Lobby has brown as its base coat and burgundy as its top coat over the crackle medium. It’s embellished with Stampin’ Up!’s Simply Scrappin’ Tickets and Tokens paper and stickers and covered heavily with glaze to give it that smother leather texture and sheen. The sentiment is  "You Are World Class," and I made this for my daughter Caitlin when she went on her senior trip to California. Another really fun thing about this suitcase box is that our 6×6 brag book albums fit perfectly in them to place trip pictures and souvenirs, so of course I decorated one of our albums for Caitlin with the Tickets and Tokens kit.


Img_1161_3 An alternative, quick and not-so-dirty (sans crackle medium) way to create an aged wood look is to use Stampin’ Up!’s Weathered background stamp, which, you can imagine, is one of my favorites. You can ink up the stamp with Versamark for tone-on-tone subtle cracks or play with different color combinations for more pronounced weathering. This card used Always Artichoke ink on white card stock.

And, finally, one more way to achieve that weather look doesn’t involve ink or paint, but rather Stampin’ Up!’s Weathered Timeworn Collection Paper.  This card displayed at the February Houston Stampin’ Up! Regionals is a beautiful example.


There are so many fantastic ways to create a distressed look but that at least concludes our primer on crackle.

Don’t forget, I’ll be drawing names for blog candy on Friday morning. You can read about it here. (Sue says I get free massages for life if you guys deliver . . . so get those contributions in!)


Sweet Comments

  1. This is a beautiful project! I love that the small album fits inside! What a great way to save souvenirs and memories from a trip!

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