Hanging up My Stethoscope

Warning – this is one of those self-indulgent, all-about-me posts. But, hang with me . . . I will get to some craft related dialog.

Thursday I hung up my stethoscope. I gave up my job at the hospital as a staff nurse. A big part of me is very sad about this. I know I’ll miss my patients and the way they let me be such an intimate part of their lives. I already miss the dear friendship of my fellow nurses, the true heroes of the hospital who throw all their mind, heart and body into their work. I mean really, how many people do you know who work in a job that keeps them so busy they can’t even eat or pee? But, after losing Mom I made a choice not to return to full-time work at the hospital but to instead take a more traditional 8 to 5 route – seems I like eating and peeing. I also like evenings with my family and, well, money (trying to remember my Dad’s lessons about retirement planning). So May 1st I’ll be a nurse reviewer helping the State of Texas regulate Assisting Living and Nursing Home facilities. Hopefully it will allow me to help ensure others have the same excellent care my Mom received. I’ll still be a nurse, but I have this terrible feeling I’m going to miss being a hands-on nurse, so don’t be too surprised if I come at you with a stethoscope. You’re safe as long as I’m not missing my shot-giving skills and come brandishing a syringe.

The good news (and not a small factor in this choice) is that a more predictable schedule will hopefully give me more opportunities for stamping and crafting. Which means I get to wear this more often.

Img_1154_3 This, my darlings, is a Design Mojo Shirt and absolutely every scrapbooker and stamper must have one. It’s that article of clothing that puts you in the knock-em-dead design mood, well, you know, like a good sexy negligee might put you in a different mood. This is:

The Anatomy of a Good Design Shirt

Exhibit A: You’ll notice from the onset that its huge, nice and roomy. It covers the hole in my jeans I don’t want anyone to see and lets me eat all the chocolate I want without bulging through my huge shirt.

Img_1147_b_c Exhibits B and C: It’s already grungy, so I don’t mind getting it grungy. You can barely see it but there’s an orange paint stain (B) from a fabulous class with Donna Downing where I learned  decoupage with a Heidi Swapp paint wash. And, there’s the bleach stain (C) from experimenting with Future floor wax and Pearl Ex.

Img_1150_3 Exhibit D: My shirt has the seal that brands me an Alumni of Creative Keepsakes University and reminds me of the absolutely over-the-top fabulous time I had with my scrapbook sorority sisters when CKU came to Houston last year.

Clearly I don’t wear this out in public unless I’m with other scrappers who relate. But, at home, I roll up the loose sleeves, crank up Tony Bennett’s Duet album, point all the good lighting I can get to my desk and, well, hope inspiration follows.

I would love to hear what you do to get "in the mood." What helps get you in the mood to design that project everyones talking about? Or, what odd-ball pre-inspiration ritual do you have that has people talking about you?


Sweet Comments

  1. Hey Linda,
    I just found your blog from your SCS Ikea post. What a great blog – you do wonderful work! Best of luck in your career change.
    Next stop: adding your blog to my Google Reader and typelist.

  2. You have a lovely way with words! Your blog is so much fun. Good luck with your new job.

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