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Img_1201 I hope you had a little fun with Saturday’s suggestion for a pre-inspiration ritual or wardrobe like my rockin’ Design Mojo Shirt. All that brought to mind the terrific class Donna Downey taught at the Houston Creating Keepsakes University (CKU) last September, so I thought I’d show you what we made. It’s even relevant, how ’bout that? Donna Downey has such a great "embrace your art" philosophy: enjoy the process of creating and your creations for what they are, an expression of you. I love it, Carpe Artem. I’m so not a professional graphic designer, photographer or journalist; I just enjoy creating or maybe just playing with new toys and making messes.

Ms. Downey asked us to bring our favorite picture, here’s mine:


Second only to this one:


We won’t say how old these pictures are, suffice it to say the baby is in college and that’s my original hair color. Yikes! This was just a fun afternoon in the front yard of our little starter home, and it captures the joy my two babies were and are to me. So . . . out of these pictures we made this, my all-time ever favorite project.


Creating this out of canvas pieces was, yeah, such a process I don’t know if I can properly reteach it to you. We ripped pages out of a phone book, slapped them onto the canvas with glaze medium, pulled even some of that off the canvas with masking tape, and covered what was left with an acrylic paint/water wash and chalk ink. It’s embellished with Heidi Swapp rub-ons, chipboard and ghost letters, and some huge Prima flowers and Bazzel brads. I took this off the wall for the picture, but it usually hangs above my craft desk and just reminds me to embrace my art for what it is and embrace my family for what they are to me.

Happy Creating! Carpe Artem

Img_0378_2Oh . . . p.s. I was so celebrity struck at CKU, so you know I had to have a picture with Diva Downey, and, since we both just got new green-green glasses, well, we embraced the green!


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  1. So fun-love that pic-it screams JOY!

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