I’ve Been Tagged by the UK!

Check this out, this is so totally amazing. I’ve been tagged by someone in the United Kingdom, Alli. Girls, I get around. She has a lovely blog, but poor dear doesn’t realize she’s tagged the most boring person in blog-land. Seriously. Well, in keeping with the code of bloggers, I get to share seven things I made up about myself and tag another seven victims, I mean bloggers.

  1. My adorable twin sister and I had a secret twin language, I was her Ging, she was my Doopie. Ask Doopie, she’ll vouch. WhatzUp Doopie?
  2. I babysat IU Basketball Coach Bobby Knight’s very well behaved boys. That’s true. The media portrayal of Bobby as a beast, not so true.
  3. I sat at the geek table in high school, ate Ding Dongs and Diet Coke for lunch and wore the same purple polyester bell-bottom jeans every day. Oops, not made up, actually true. Hey, it was the 70’s, everyone looked ridiculous.
  4. All the ladies on my college dorm floor were nursing students but me. I snubbed them because I was a feminist, and of course, more enlightened. Sadly, true. Hey, it was the 80’s, everyone was nuts. Jokes on me, I went back to nursing school in my 40’s, a mid-life crisis RN.
  5. I rode my Trek bicycle across the state of Iowa (RAGBRAI rules!). But, my greater bicycling achievement: I snagged my man on a bike. I had a flat tire, he fixed it, I swooned, I flirted  another six weeks, he finally asked me out. (Remember, I ate at the geek table.) True, and I can prove it. I still ride the same Trek bike and hunky man 25+ years later. We’re married, I can say that.
  6. Img_0357_cropCan’t talk about myself without a shout-out to my two children. They are more beautiful, smart, interesting, and fun to be with than I ever imagined my offspring could be. Yep, absolutely true.
  7. Last one – okay, better make it a good one. Stacy Croninger (PaperCrafts editor at right), take notes. Primedia Inc. Publications President, Dean Nelson, noticed my Catered Crop blog site and asked me to become the founding Editor of a new monthly magazine, Full of Crop. True? Well, don’t wake me from this dream.

Okay, that was soul searching but fun. Guess we should subject seven other bloggers to the same self-examination. I stalk an embarrassingly large array of bloggers, so not really going for a population contest (geek table, remember), here’s just a random few. Hope you enjoy these as much as I do. Respectfully tagging stampers:

and my CKU sorority scrapper sisters:

Thanks, Allie. This has been a hoot. My little treat tomorrow to all of you for endulging us this silliness is some how-to’s for creating beaded scissor charms. Stay tuned.



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  1. Are you kidding? Did you read my 7 facts, it’s great to find out more about you and you sound like you have had so much fun in your life! :)

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