Happy Mother’s Day

This will be my fastest post ever . . . just a quickie. I promise I have some new cards to share with you, it’s just been a hectic week with a new job (I love!) and yesterday’s workshop to prep for (a blast). I’m having such a great mother’s day . . . which, given that we lost both my mother and mother-in-law this year, I didn’t think would be possible. I guess I underestimated how great my Tom, Ben and Caitlin can be. They’ve showered me with terrific gifts and just their sweet spirits. I mean, I had chocolate truffles for breakfast – is that cool or what? Yeah, life is good.

In honor of all you lovely Mommies out there . . . here’s a funny little ditty Moms can especially enjoy. If you didn’t have any doubts before this will confirm that we have become just like our own mothers! Why, because I said so. Make sure your volume is turned up and click here for giggles and grins. Okay . . . I’m off to dinner at the lake . . . yep, life is good.