Tipsy on Wednesday Too?

Img_1373_2Oh dear . . . it’s getting late and I’m not sure I’m going to get my Tipsy Tuesday post to you in time. We may be tipsy on Wednesday. Meanwhile, how about a teaser? I’m going to show you how to make your own jump rings using the Stampin’ Up! tools you may already have on hand so you can make something like this.

Jump ring . . . sounds like a trick you teach your dog to perform in the circus. Fun, but not what I have in mind. Our jump rings will be the small round wire rings used to link charms or pendants onto a chain. Ours will definitely not be jewelry grade, but they’ll be fine for attaching charms to your cards. So tune in tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I just can’t resist sharing with you this picture from my Mother’s Day, if only because I get to show off my beautiful family. They made me very happy . . . and not just because of the Oasis "perfect margarita" and the Lake Travis view. Thanks, Caitlin, Ben and Tom for a terrific day. As John Denver might sing it, you are my Hill Country High!




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