Tipsy Tuesday Soup

Yikes, gotta hurry or Tipsy Tuesday is going to be Wayward Wednesday . . .

You know what? My Tipsy Tuesdays are like the old Hobo Stew that my boy’s third grade Sunday School teacher, Mrs. Sides, used to make. She’d have all the boys and girls bring a can of soup and she’d dump them all in a pot, whether it was chicken noodle or split pea. Out came some delicious if not somehwat unpredictable grub. I guess my tips are as unpredictable. You never know what I’m going to serve, but hopefully it’s still delicious.

I got a chance to call Bingo this past weekend at Merrill Gardens, the Assisted Living facility that took such good care of my Mom. The staff and the residents there have been such dear friends to me. When I’d see Mom each day, those lovely folks really were my social circle, or, as I liked to call them, my peeps. Every time I come they still treat me as if I’m the sunshine that just brightens their day and yet they brighten my spirits so much more than I imagine I brighten theirs.

1010196_img_cropIt reminded me of something my Dad used to say. (We’re long over due for one of Dad’s old jokes.) With a big ole’ grin on his face, my Dad used to say: "Remember, old folks are worth a fortune, with silver in their hair, gold in their teeth, stones in their kidneys, lead in their feet, and gas in their stomachs." Then we’d have a riotous laugh, not so much because the joke was so funny, but because it was so much fun to watch him enjoy the telling of it.

My new job is making my blogging activity spotty at best, but I’m loving that it lets me be a nurse advocate for the elderly.  I love even more playing Bingo with my peeps. So here’s my invaluable Tuesday tip . . . even if it means accosting a stranger on the street, find an elderly person to hug this week. It will make your week.


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  1. I know why their smiles get brighter when you walk in…you are a joy!! You could put a smile on anyone’s face! :)

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