Wow, The Governor Agrees

Wow, I guess Governor Rick Perry read my blog this morning because check this out.

Logo_aoa_2007_2Governor Rick Perry has proclaimed May as Older Texans Month and encourages working together to improve the lives of our older citizens, their families and caregivers and striving to ensure that all Americans have the opportunity to make the choices they desire to enjoy a healthy and rewarding future. Shew, that’s a mouthful.

Really, honestly, I had no idea that was about to happen. Am I clairvoyant or what? Well, that calls for another one of Dad’s jokes.

A man went to his doctor and said: "Doctor, I have this awful pain in my right ear and I can’t hear a thing out of it."

Doctor: "Let me take a look. My Lord. No wonder you have pain and you can’t hear. You have a suppository in your ear."

Man: "Oh! Thank you doctor! Now I know where I lost my hearing aid."


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  1. Just found your blog. Wanted to say hi to another Austinite! So, Howdy!

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