For the Captain

I rarely post twice in one day because I just don't want to be a pest. But, my adorable sister just sent me this poem she wrote her very own self just last night. First, a little background.

Captain_black_2 Dad was home from college on his 19th birthday when news on the radio announced we'd been attacked by Japan at Pearl Harbor. His home, Owen County, had just lowered the draft age to 19 and he was the first of two to be drafted at the new age requirements. He graduated from Officer Candidates school at the tender age of 21. The Army awarded Captain Clyde Black a Bronze Star for his service during World War II in Los Alamos, New Mexico, and Oahu, Hawaii.

When Dad retired from active duty he returned to Indiana State University Teacher's College in Terre Haute. Mom always said he was very handsome and quite popular. He seemed to have an air about him that said he was in control of situations, and he was quickly endeared about campus as "The Captain." He retired from the Army Reserves as a Lieutenant Colonel, but Mom always remembered how he won her heart as The Captain.

Can you tell, does it show? I am so very proud of my Dad. For me, Memorial Day will always be about The Captain. If you have someone who has served in the military and you have a blog or website, I hope you'll help us put the names and faces to the men and women who have served. If you do, please put a comment here so we can find your dedication.

My adorable sister says, this poem captures what Memorial Day means to her.



Memorial Day

A Day to Remember

By: Sharon Murray



Memorial Day is here, so what first comes to mind?

My bank is closed; a day off work and mail will be behind.




Here in Indiana we cherish our 500 race,

And have hopes that this year’s winner will have a female face.




At church things go as usual, not much difference from the rest.

Except for a message to the children, that soldier’s gave their best.




I then head towards the cemetery, where my parents now rest in peace.

My heart is touched as I reach the entrance,

Full size flags adorn the streets.




People gather round their loved ones.  Their hearts are empty still.

A longing to be with that name, that a rock in their place can’t fill.




At a cemetery called Arlington, the head stones multiply.

For war continues to rob our land

Of young men and women who have died.




History seems to repeat itself, time and time again.

As war continues to take the lives for freedom we hope to win.




Memorial Day is here and let us not forget,

That this day was made especially to remember

the service of our Vets.




Protecting us from harm is what was meant to be.

We might not agree with our leaders, but I hope that all will see…

That Memorial Day is here for a reason,

Sacrifice has been made for you and me.

All with the hopes of making

America, the Land of the Free.



Sweet Comments

  1. Just beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Menda Hayden says:

    Linda I ran across your blog yesterday and signed up right away. Your work and this blog are amazing. Today I find this and am just sitting here with big goosebumps all over my body. The tribute to your father and reminder to us all is so fine. And then your sister God love and the words she wrote. Beautiful just beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing. I can’t wait to see what comes from you next.

  3. Corinne says:

    Thank you for posting your sister’s poem. It is truly beautiful and thank you also sharing about your Dad.
    Take care

  4. Megan Gunder says:

    Awesome job Blacks! As I grow in knowledge of good and evil from this would, the prouder I am to have come from a loving family of wisdom and understanding.