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Avt_lkmcclain2002_large1Hey all . . . just a very quick note. Craft Critique is doing a very timely series on, guess what? Organization. Do you think they’re reading Peter’s book? Michelle Laycock is famous among stampers for many things including being the first stamper to start a blog and creating a community of bloggers, Splitcoast Bloggers. She’s sharing her knowledge of organization from a librarian’s perspective in an article about organizing scrapbooking paper, including how to be disciplined in managing your stock. Anyway, I thought it was so timely that I just had to pass along that little tidbit of news.

Okay, I’ve reconciled that once I read my Creating Keepsakes magazines cover to cover I usually don’t pick them back up again. So, I’ve finally concluded that saving issues for months/years for possible inspiration just isn’t as smart as making more room for the books I really do look at, like my favorite, 40 Techniques for Making Cards, autographed by Stacy Croninger her own self. The magazines are on their way to some folks I know who want to get into scrapbooking but don’t know where to start. I feel so much better knowing they’ll be put to use for something other than catching dust.

Sorry so quick – off to bed so I can be fresh to teach at the Community Center tomorrow. Happy Thursday – Friday’s just around the corner.



Sweet Comments

  1. Peggy Maier says:

    You’re starting out well – giving those magazines away – yea! Keep going & let us know how you’re doing ala Peter.