Like a Skunk Goes with Stank

Me ‘n’ you’s like a Moon Pie with a RC cold drank. We go together like a skunk goes with stank.


Twenty five years ago on this very day we were just two young people facing a new life together. We were full of wishes for the future and blessed with parents to guide us and be our safety net. Today our hair is more gray than my Dad’s in this picture, and now we are each other’s safety net. So we’ll just embrace the next 25 years holding closer to each other than ever.

The man who married us preached that we were witnessing a miracle. He said somehow God had ordained long before we were born that we would be together in a holy marriage, and June 12, 1982, was our miracle. I am truly honored that Tom chose me to be his bride and continues to chose me to be his companion. Thank you Tom . . . for being my miracle!  Happy Silver Anniversary. Love, Linny



Sweet Comments

  1. Peggy Maier says:

    So sweet! Love the picture of “young love” – I know you have many happy memories. Lots of congrats!

  2. Congratulations, how lovely 25 years heres to another 25 plus.

  3. Congrats on 25 years! I hope you both have a wonderful anniversary.

  4. Congratulations.. We celebrate our 10th anniversary at the end of the month !!!

  5. Have a Happy Anniversary!

  6. Love both pictures! :) It is so good to see people so in love after 25 years! Congratulations!!!!

  7. Corinne says:

    Congratulations !!! I love both the pictures you posted. My husband and I are 3 years away from our 25th…I feel the same way you do…I know with all confidence that God put us together too.
    Hope you had a wonderful day together

  8. Sharon Murray says:

    I am not so sure if is skunk goes with stank, as much as going together like two peas in a pod. 25 years together, side by side, through good and bad. I love you both so much and just hope that you will daily continue to appreciate what you have as well as celebrate!!! Happy 25th Love, Sharon

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