Don’t Look Ethel

Hello everybody, this is your action news reporter
With all the news that is news across the nation
On the scene at the super market
There seems to have been some disturbance here
Pardon me sir, did you see what happened?

Yeh, I did…I was standing over there by the tomatoes
And here he come
Running through the pole beans, through the fruits and vegetables
Naked as a jay-bird
And I hollered over at Ethel…I said don’t look Ethel
It was too late, she’d already been incensed…

Oh yes, they call him the streak
He likes to turn the other cheek
He’s always making the news
Wearin’ just his tennis shoes
Guess you could call him unique…

For those of you old enough to remember, that’s Ray Steven’s, The Streak. If you’re in my hostess club or Lonestar swap, you may want to shield your eyes. You’ll be getting this card later. Don’t peak! For everyone else, I caution you . . . this card uses a stamp set that you can’t buy until July 1 if you’re not a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator. This may be more of a tease than that streaker!


This is my last Silver Anniversary mushy tribute to my incredible miracle man, Tom. He asked me if he gets to keep the card and I said, well, yeah, after I’m finished demonstrating it. Guess I’m not all that romantic after all.

Ooo, and I used the new in-color inks and paper. That’s River Rock paper and ink along with Groovy Guava ink and paper on White Shimmery paper, accented with some Blush Blossom. I heat embossed the flower images using white embossing powder on blush and guava paper. To add the bling factor I added tiny sequins to the flower centers. They’re not Stampin’ Up! sequins but I just learned that Stampin’ Up!’s July catalog will have some pretties like this for us to play with. Woo Hoo.


Yep, The Streak was a big hit back in the 80’s when I married my man. For giggles and grins, here it is again for all you Ethel would be’s like me.


Sweet Comments

  1. Enjoyed your anniversary post, and you did a beautiful job with your Baroque Motifs card!

  2. That is the most beautiful anniversary card!

  3. What a GORGEOUS card!

  4. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Love this card, this is such a great set.

  5. Diane D says:

    This is beautiful!

  6. Michelle Pittman says:

    I am just amazed at the gorgeous cards you created with the Baroque Motif (one of the most beautiful cards I have EVER seen!) and the anniversary card! You just continue to amaze me with your talent. The Baroque Motif is next on my list of stamp sets to order.
    I’m referring a newbie to you! I was sitting in the courtyard of the Winters Bldg. last week reading a scrapping catalog and a woman asked me if I was a scrapbooker. Well, you know the rest is history! I brought my new SU catalog the next day, and she’s hooked! She just got into scrapbooking at the recent Expo, and hasn’t ever made cards. She’s not sure she will want to. But she lives in Leander and so is way too far north to come join my group out here off Slaughter Lane. She said she would like me to put her in touch with you. Of course, we’ve had very little time to talk, but after Tuesday of next week, we hope to get together in one of our office’s small conference rooms during lunch for me to give her a demo of using stamps. I will give her your website. She may even have some interest in booking a party. Her name is Anna “Marie” Redman. She works for DADS. Heck, y’all might even know each other; although, she’s only lived here a short time.
    How is the Saturday crops at the community center shaping up? My club’s last month is August and I don’t know if we’ll start up again right away or not. I just MIGHT be interested in going all the way to RR, only because it’s on Sat. and, of course, mainly because I want so badly to be in one of your groups!
    Hope all is well on your new job. Looking forward to hearing back from you. Please note my home email address has changed to Also, you can email me at work at (And, just so I can tell Marie, I need to ask again which agency you work for.)

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