Please Stand By

Remember when your television only had a few channels and didn’t broadcast 24 hours a day? For those of you too young to remember when we only had the major networks and got all our news from Walter Cronkite, after midnight or so most of the channels would put on this test pattern.


I’m frantically getting ready to go out of town, finish a big case at work, and put together some projects to showcase the new Stampin’ Up! catalog. Oh, and I will have some great things to show you soon, I just don’t know when I’ll be able to with everything going on.

You all have been so wonderful to check in on me and leave such sweet notes. Thanks to you my little ramblings have had almost 15,000 hits since I started it last February. So . . . hang with me and please stand by, I’ll be back to blog some fun things as soon as I can.


Sweet Comments

  1. Yes, I am old enough to remember.

  2. I remember, too.
    Have a great hiatus!

  3. Oh Gosh…love this ‘blast from the past’ and the memories it brings to mind. Enjoy your time away…we’ll be here when you are able to return. Thanks, Barb g

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