WHoo EEeee . . . I’m Back

WHoo EEee . . . I’m back. Oh, and I have so much to tell you. We had a fabulous vacation with my husband’s family, and I’ll share pix with you this week. Our adventures included everything from poltergeist to white water.


That’s my handsome family. No, we didn’t drive all the way from central Texas to Taos, New Mexico, in the truck, but isn’t that a great truck? We found that in the little town we stayed in, Arroyo Seco, just outside Taos and bordered by Taos Pueblo Indian land and the Taos Ski Valley.

We arrived back home late last night and my box of new Stampin’ Up! catalogs was placed inside the door by my kind neighbor. Okay, I helped unpack the car only because my family insisted, and then tore into the box. I’m overwhelmed. It’s a gorgeous catalog. I’m still taking it all in. Meanwhile, you are long overdue for some stamping from me. So, here’s a card in honor of our fabulous trip.


My daughter took this picture from the balcony of our Salsa del Salto bed and breakfast suite with the luminaries in the background. Taos has so much cultural influence, the Spanish influence from earlier missionaries and the Taos Pueblo Indians. The area is also embraced by artisans for it’s beautiful light. It’s easy to see why they say Taos has five skies, North, South, East, West, and overhead. With the Sangre de Cristo Mountains as its backdrop, the sky is dramatic in all directions. Hopefully, this card embraces a little of the Spanish/Indian cultures. It uses the new Baroque Motifs stamp set and the new colors, blue bayou and sky blue.

Here’s another picture so you can see the clear embossing on the tiles. For the big tile, I placed it in the freezer after embossing it with clear embossing powder and then cracked it.


SeattleStamper and RhonDag at Splitcoast provided the inspiration. I made this card before we left for a swap with six incredible stampers. When I was finished, I had used my embossing gun so heavily that I melted a hole in my embossing tray.

Fallwinter_cover_2There’s so much in the new catalog to take in, I’ll just give you a few of my thoughts with each post. I’m crazy nuts about the Baroque Motifs stamp set, so I about flipped when I saw the new catalog, just rampant with the Baroque theme. I counted no less than four stamp sets that coordinate, Sweet Sampler, Brocade Basics, Wing It, Illuminations; and two designer papers, Brocade Background and Secret Garden (gorgeous!). There’s a Baroque Border wheel and two background stamps that will work beautifully with it, Tres Chic and En Francais. Wing It looks like so much fun – it’s a little like the tattoo phase started by scrapbooking trend setter Elsie Flannigan.

Besides the Baroque suggestions that are such a hot trend in scrapbooking right now, I think my favorite new find in the catalog is going to be the "Pretties Kit." Oh, and then there’s the Western theme. Okay, that’s it, I’m back to being overwhelmed. There’s just too much to claim a favorite.


Sweet Comments

  1. Linda,
    This card is gorgeous!!!!!!!!!! with a capital G. I discovered one of my glazed stoneware pie plates makes a great surface to put my card on while using the heat gun. I melted my paper trimmer with it prior to this discovery, lol.
    Can’t wait to chat with you about the new catty and lots of stamp camp ideas.

  2. Oh, Linda! What a gorgeous card. I can definitely see the cultural influence. You hit it right! One question, tho. Did the tile break in the freezer or did it just harden up quicker that way, and then you cracked it? Glad to see you’re home. We missed you. Jodi

  3. What a beautiful job! Thanks for the honor of a case and leting me know so I can see it recreated! I’m so glad you tried the crackled glass with this. I struggled over whether or not to apply that tech to my card and wished I had when I was done. I also love your large medalion piece!

  4. What a beautiful job! Thanks for the honor of a case and leting me know so I can see it recreated! I’m so glad you tried the crackled glass with this. I struggled over whether or not to apply that tech to my card and wished I had when I was done. I also love your large medalion piece!

  5. What a beautiful card. That is my favorite stamp set. The craacked glass is perfect.

  6. I can’t believe you were without a catalog for so long! What a gorgeous card. It is really stunning.

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