Hi from Italy

I received this wonderful e-mail this week. Rita wrote: "Hi from Italy. I’m very happy to found your blog." She closed her note with "excuse for my English." I was floored and touched. It occurred to me that if someone could struggle through our crazy English language to write me a note from around the world, I could get off my hiney and at least give you folks an update.

My father-in-law is doing well and my  husband and I are much relieved to have some terrific help. His five brothers and sisters will all be here to spend time with Dad by Saturday, we have terrific hospice staff on hand, and some great home health aides around the clock. The church is bringing more food than we can consume, and, God love them, lots of comfort-food sweets. We’re not feeling quite so overwhelmed today as we were this time last week and able to enjoy the time we have with my father-in-law. His spirits remain high, and that’s the biggest blessing of all.

With all the good help we have on board, I should be able to post some stamping ideas later this week. Thank you for all your very kind and generous posts.  Linda

p.s. You can visit my new Italian friend, Rita, by clicking here. She has some beautiful pictures and crafts, and since her blog is in Italian, she’ll make you feel like a world traveler.


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