The 411 on a Mini Album

The little Notations mini album I showed you earlier this week is so easy to make. Thanks to Chris Twing for teaching it to me. But, honestly, I’m a little origami challenged, so bear with me as I try to describe how to make this album. It’s all in the fold. Start with a 12" x 6" piece of patterned paper.


Fold this in half so you have a 3" x 12" strip.


Fold this strip in half so you have a 3" x 6" strip.


Okay, now there’s something in origami about valley and mountain folds. Wish I knew the difference, and this next strip is hard for me to describe. Hmmm . . . maybe a picture will say it all. Fold you strip again into an accordian fold so you end up with a 3" x 3" piece.


Hope you were able to follow that. I’m sorry I can’t describe it better. Okay, now, next you fold the corners down on left and right so it looks like this.


And, that is pretty much the entire album. You can used brads to hold the left and right corners down and that makes two pockets. You’ll also have pockets at the top of the 2nd and 3rd pages of the album.

Here’s another picture showing the 1st and second pages finished with embellishments. I used a circle punch to make the little slot in the second page and you can see the pocket better now.


Your inserts for your pockets are just 2 3/4" x 2 3/4" pieces of paper decorated with the spiral punch, round tab punch, and Office Accoutrement stamp set.

Here are the 3rd and 4th pages.


I embellished it with an origami shirt, since, you know, I had all this great folding zen/zone going down.

And, finally, this picture will show you that you can use a small cover on the album to hold down the ribbon that wraps around and keeps the album together.


Well, if you aren’t engrossed in the Harry Potter book that came out tonight (yep, we got ours), have fun folding. I hope you were able to follow along.


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  1. I like this! Thanks for posting the directions with easy to follow pictures.

  2. Thanks for sharing this with us!

  3. corinne says:

    Great Tutorial, Linda…..I’m going to make this for sure !! Thank you for much for doing this.
    Take care

  4. This is wonderful. Thank you for sharing the directions!

  5. My My … Your tutorial is so clear. This can be used for many occasion. Thank you very much.

  6. Hi Linda!! I SO want to try one of those for my next class! Thanks for making it look easy! That is SUPAH cute!!!
    I found you on the SCS Demo blog thread!

  7. Awesome, awesome, awesome!

  8. Awesome, awesome, awesome!

  9. JoAnna Gualtieri says:

    Please, I would like to know how to do the origami shirt folds.
    I’ve looked and looked for instructions.
    (Folds that are on the outside are mountains, and folds inside are valleys.)

  10. JoAnna Gualtieri says:
  11. JoAnna Gualtieri says:
  12. JoAnna Gualtieri says:
  13. Thanks so much for posting the instructions, I’ll have to try one!