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Rockin252bgirl252bblogger_2_3The very talented Catherine Harwood nominated me as a "Rockin’ Girl Blogger." I can’t begin to tell you how very cool that is. Catherine is one of my favorite bloggers/stampers, and I "CASE" her creations all the time. Be sure to go visit her at 3-2-1 Stamp!

I don’t get to sign autographs or spread world peace with this new appointment, but I do get to pass on the honor to five other bloggers. Well, that’s a daunting task only because I have so many blogs I enjoy. So . . . with no particular rhyme or reason, here are some terrific blogs I know you all will enjoy. Ladies, you get to assume my crown! Just copy the little icon to your site.

Stampin’ On – Amy Celona does beautiful watercoloring.

For the Love of Paper – Chris Twing has some great workshop ideas

Inkspired Treasures – A five-year Stampin’ Up! veteran with lots of creativity

Linda’s works for Heart – (Nice name!) Her cards are multi-dimensional and gorgeous

Stampin’ for Sanity – Renee has beautiful designs using my favorite stamp sets.

My kids will tell you "rockin’ girl" doesn’t really describe me nearly as well as Jazzin’ Woman (one step away from rockin’ chair), but is sure is fun to be nominated!

Blog Roll

p.s. I’ve found a few blogs who have listed me on their blogs as their favorites. Wow, again, what a tremendous honor. If you are linking to my blog, I would sure like to return the honor. Please let me know so I can create and add you to a blog roll. Just leave a comment to this post or e-mail me at



Sweet Comments

  1. I just found your blog and I love it! Very creative and fun!!! I’ll be checking back often. :)

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