You Are My Inspiration

My incredible Stampin’ Up! sponsor/upline, Melissa Smith, held her end-of-year party this past month. (When I call her "sponsor," I don’t think AA, I think supplier and enabler!) She and another leader in her group, Cyndee Rust, gave us this lovely present of all the inspiration sheets since the beginning of inspiration sheets.

[For non-Stampin’ Up! folks, "inspiration sheets" used to be offered by Stampin’ Up! for demonstrators to purchase and then share with their customers. For selected stamp sets they were sheets with wonderful ideas and detailed instructions. Unfortunately, Stampin’ Up! just announced they will not produce them any more, so they’re becoming collectors’ items.]

Melissa and Cyndee then helped us find a lovely way to bind these sheets for safe keeping and future reference. I decided to give mine one of my customers who has been so influential in my success this past year, so I put her name on the binder. But, I haven’t had a chance to get it to her, yet, so her name is blurred in the picture.


This was an easy-breezy project to create using a three-ring binder and the Just Delightful Simply Scrapping kit from this past year’s Sell-a-Bration. I spent more time putting the sheets in the sleeve protectors than creating the cover. In their history, Stampin’ Up! created almost 100 Inspiration Sheets, so here’s a peak of what’s inside.


You could use the same idea to bind copies of ideas you’ve printed off the Internet or pages you’ve cut out of Stampin’ Up! catalogs that contain the stamp sets you own. That’s a great way to catalog your inventory of stamps.

Thanks to Melissa and Cyndee for the lovely present and to **name blurred** for being such an help and inspiration to me this year. Ha . . . got you guessing now.