A Paul Simon Sing-Along

My husband and I are camped at my father-in-law’s house, keeping an eye on him while at the same time occupying ourselves to keep our minds of what lies ahead. Thank you for your very kind words of support and sympathy. Thankfully, Dad is staying comfortable and peaceful. We’re doing everything we can to keep him that way.

So, not being at home, I don’t have access to my stamping supplies. I do have the companionship of the Internet, though, and have enjoyed all the news from this past week’s National Stampin’ Up Convention in Denver. Kimberly Morris of SUDSOL fame forwarded along some fantastic notes. Among the gems were these hints from a presentation by Carrie Cudney & Lori Olaveson.

Remember that Paul Simon song . . . Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lover.

Okay, now sing along with me,

She said its really not my habit to intrude
Furthermore, I hope my meaning wont be lost or misconstrued
But Ill repeat myself at the risk of being crude
There must be 20 ways to use your markers.

  1. Colorbook – stamp in black, then color in.
  2. Opaque Coloring – stamp in white craft ink on dark or black cardstock, then color over portions with markers. (Batty For You set is great for this.)
  3. Color in spots on a black and white photograph. (Lighter colors work best for this; don’t color on one of a kind photos. Make copies to color on.)
  4. Watercoloring.
  5. Dual end coloring – pick up a bit of re-inker of a darker shade onto the tip of a marker.
  6. Omitting (TIP: lightly dab with sponge dauber to smooth out brush strokes from surface of inked stamp before stamping down onto card stock.)
  7. Embossing – ink stamp up in Versamark first, then color with markers then stamp on card stock and cover with clear embossing powder (EP).
  8. Shading and Highlighting – start with lightest color and move to darker colors.
  9. Water Misting  – ink up image and spray either stamp or card stock with water before stamping
  10. Color Spritzer Background – mist a background onto card stock.
  11. Color Spritzer Inking – mist onto stamp before stamping. You may want to color with lighter colors first, then mist speckles onto image.
  12. Thumping – ink up image in light color, "thump" markers of 2-3 different colors onto the top of that, exhale on stamp to moisten the ink and then stamp image
  13. Coloring Acetate – take page protector and cut away two sides so that it opens like a folder. Scribble with different colors of markers, then mist with water.  Close "folder" and open it.  Place two pieces of card stock in there back to back and close folder, rubbing the color onto the card stock. Remove card stock and let dry. Mist again for a lighter set of background pieces.
  14. Dyeing Ribbon (This especially looks neat if you run a marker on each little edge of the grosgrain ribbon, as it makes the edges stand out by themselves.)
  15. Dyeing flowers in Pretties Kit
  16. Dyeing Pearls in Pretties kit – Color pearl, hold in tweezers from Crafter’s Tool Kit, dip in clear EP and heat EP to set
  17. Dyeing Hair! (streaks for Halloween)
  18. Stencil through brass template
  19. Stampin’ Around wheels – color with marker, spray with mist of water, use chalk applicator to remove words or letters or other parts you don’t want.
  20. Tone on tone journaling

I use my markers a lot, but I sure picked up some good tips. Thanks, Kimberly. Can’t wait to try some of these ideas, especially when I break out my Pretties Kit.


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