Pam’s Fall Colors


I love Fall, I love these colors, and I especially love Pam Downs’ creations. She puts so much lovely detail in her cards. Sadly, this is the last one I have to share with you for a while, at least until the next catalog comes out and we have another excuse to swap cards again. Meanwhile, you can keep up with Pam at her Splitcoast gallery, here, and her website, here.

That new background stamp, Sanded, creates the upper panel, and Pam used the True Friends stamp set again for her focal piece. Look carefully, and you’ll see the paper piercing she did that really sets this card apart from the rest. (You can click on the image to enlarge it.)

Thanks, Pam, Cyndee, Katherine, and Jane for being my guests these past two weeks.


Sweet Comments

  1. GREAT card! You’re right, that paper piercing around the scallop circle is so unique! It’s all in the details, isn’t it?!

  2. Sharon Murray says:

    Very nice tribute. Good Job!

  3. Oo! Very pretty!

  4. I didn’t notice you were from Round Rock! I’m stationed at Fort Campbell, KY right now, but Taylor is my home. Once a Duck, always a Duck!

Whatcha Thinkin

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