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Best252bblog252bfriend_2I am so honored to be nominated as a best blog friend by the very talented Nancy Riley, all the way in Phoenix. Nancy has incredible projects you won’t want to miss at iSTAMP. She just did a really fun Halloween project using fruit cups. You gotta go see it.

You know, I just blog for fun, but how fun is it that I get to make friends all over tarnation by doing it! Well, you know, anything this fun has to be shared. I’m sure I’m leaving someone out, but these very talented ladies are probably the folks I stay in touch with the most.

My adorable sister has a new blog. It’s not craft related, but it is very inspirational: Roll Call Ministries.

Catherine Harwood has a really fun Halloween projects at her site, 321 Stamp! But, then, she always has some fun going on there.

Chris Twing is a busy Mom here in central Texas, but, I’m telling you, that doesn’t stop her a bit. Her projects are totally amazing. I love that she’s close enough that I get to see some of her beautiful work in person from time to time. Go check her blog out at For Love of Paper.

Want to feel like a world traveler? Check out Erre’s blog at non ho ancora trovato il titolo per il blog..e’ grave? (I have no idea what I just said. I hope it wasn’t dirty.)

Thanks, Nancy, that was fun.


Sweet Comments

  1. hi blog is an happy blog where I write what I like,what I do .I try to translate my blog for you
    hugs and kisses

  2. I forgot to tell you this: you have a wonderfull old car..I like it so much

  3. Linda, thank you for your kind words! The feeling is mutual! I’m still laughing about your interpretation skills re. Erre’s blog! You’re too funny!

  4. the title of my blog is:
    I have not still found the title for my blog,is it serious?

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