For My Aunt Naomi

I had such a blast at my favorite scrapbook store this weekend. Scrapbook Fever gave us a fabulous day of classes, and I got to make my first teabag fold card.


Okay, I know, it's a little spooky, but I'm lovin' this card because that teabag fold think is amazing. I feel like I'd be giving away my store's trade secrets if I share too much about this card, but I'm sure they'll teach this class again. In fact, on October 20th they're teaching it with a Christmas twist. Yep, I'm totally there.

I did just a little Google search on tea bag folding and found tons of information. According to the site,, it's also known as kaleidoscope folding or miniature kaleidoscope origami. The story goes that one day a woman in Holland named Tiny van der Plaas was sitting at her table, worrying that she'd forgotten to pick up a birthday card for her sister. So Tiny began folding her fruit tea bag envelope. This gave her an idea and, also, gave birth to tea bag folding.

I just learned that one of my very favorite Aunt's, my mother's sister-in-law, is gravely ill. So, I grabbed some paper at the store I thought she might like. Aunt Naomi is an incredible woman. She was a naturalist long before it is a hip thing to be, and she can listen to any bird song and tell you what bird it is. Among a family of strong Irish/German personalities, she was always the voice of reason. So, for Aunt Naomi . . .



Sweet Comments

  1. Those are so fun … amazing what how different the fold looks when you change the papers … love the shimmer of the Halloween papers … great cards.

  2. Great job. I love this fold and how different it looks on each card. Super!

  3. Wow love these they are so FUN

  4. I like both of these, but the second one is especially beautiful!!! : )

  5. Your cards are just beautiful. If you need any folds just look in my photobucket site. Barbara's Fold and Jeannie's Folds are in there. I love making these cards I make.

    Enjoy everyone.


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