Do you snore?

I just couldn’t resist sharing this with you. One of my dearest friends sent this to me today.

I had this image of me and my adorable sister sitting together . . .

just a few years from now . . .


Yep, that’s us alright.


Sweet Comments

  1. lol! that’s adorable! i have two co-workers that when we’re together, this is exactly our sense of humor… i’m sharing it with them!

  2. LOL!!! : )

  3. Sharon Murray says:

    Well, from one old fart to another. Just hope with the two of us combined, we don’t clear out the place.

  4. A FEW years from now? I doubt it, Linda! Hilarious though!

  5. Oh if this isn’t the cutest thing ever! I’m sending it to my sisters for sure!