Don’t laugh . . . it’s true


Today I went to Academy and bought some workout clothes. Wha ha ha . . . Well, it’s a start! Here’s the irony . . . no one really sells workout clothes for fat people . . . who of course, need to work out the most. I’ll turn heads when my son takes me to the gym tomorrow, but probably not in any way I’d like. It will be a hoot, but I’m excited. Just hope I don’t embarrass my son too much.

So, that’s kind of my big news. We’ve had a year full of tragedy with the loss of three parents, but, even though I have moments of profound sadness and miss them so dearly, my new mantra is not to let my grief define who I am. I am still a joyful, creative, lively person  . . . okay, repeat that again to my self . . . I am still . . .

All that said, I had my first physical in forever and am on a quest to feel and look better. I start a major doctor-supervised diet on Wednesday, and an exercise program . . . , well, I drove to Academy today.

Meanwhile, the Stampin’ Up! lines are buzzing with news about the new catalog coming out in January. This is our first time to have two catalogs in one year, so we’re all figuring it out. I just learned today of one of the new products . . . rub ons! Rub ons that coordinate with our punches and stamps. Oh my! They’ll be in your preview mini catalogs. Here’s some dates for you . . .

  • November 30 – Spring-Summer Collection 2008 Preview Brochure will be mailed to customers. You won’t be able to order from it yet, but you’ll get to see what’s coming.
  • December 1 – Fall-Winter Collection 2007 retired stamp set and dormant lists will be available. Demonstrators can start ordering from the Preview brochure, so we’ll start having some samples for all of you.
  • December 10 – Fall-Winter Collection 2007 retired accessory list will be available.
  • January 2 – Out with the old, in with the new. We can’t order from the retired list any more, but we won’t care because On January 2 everyone can start ordering from the new Spring-Summer 2008 Collection.

Several of my customers were asking whether they’d be able to order some of the things on their wish list after December. Unfortunately, we won’t know what’s being discontinued until the retirement lists come out. I’ll keep you in the loop so you won’t have to hunt down your wish list items on e-bay at three times the price.

I know, all this is hard to contemplate during the holidays with so much other shopping to do. Just give your wish lists to your family and have them contact me . . . we’ll hook you up.

Okay, one of my resolutions for looking and feeling better . . . getting to bed sooner. So, off to my beauty sleep.


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  1. Michelle Roberts says:

    Good for you on your plans to exercise and feel better. I started a program myself just one month ago and I am feeling so much better. I have never been able to stick to something like this so I am excited that I am “feeling” it. Try to recruit or find a friend to keep you going and encouraged. It has worked wonders for me I think. Plus my Ipod keeps me moving on mornings I don’t really feel like it. I wish you the best of luck and from someone who has a lot to loose I know you can do it. I have already lost 14 lbs! Woohoo!

  2. Kathy Kinney says:

    I know what you mean about the loss of a parent, as we have been dealing with the same issue. I do have to say that I saw something on another blog…can’t remember whose, but I know her name is Amy…Anyway, her quote is “Don’t be sad that it’s over, be happy that it happened.” Hmm…I’m grateful for every minute that I had with my loved one, and this is something that I have decided to focus on.

  3. Best wishes to you in your new way of living. Here’s wishing you all the best and hopes that you can control yourself during the tempting holiday foods soon to be on everyone’s tables.
    Oh yea, and there’s no such thing as “FAT CLOTHES!!!”

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