Ode to Thanksgiving

We had such an incredible Thanksgiving. The world just feels right and whole when everyone you love the most is close enough to pinch. When my Mom was with us, nothing made her more happy than to have all her family around her. So, she’d try to hold on to those sweet moments as long as she could. When it was time for us to go back home, she’d stand at the top of the driveway and wave goodbye until we were no longer in site. And, when the house was quiet, she’d sometimes capture those precious times in a poem. Here’s a poem Mom wrote about a Thanksgiving past. The game has changed from cards to Wii, but the sentiment is the same.

Ode To Thanksgiving
     by Jean Black

The house was spotless when the family arrived.
The dog Annie greeted with nip on behind.
A friendly love leap to say, “Welcome to you,
It’s Thanksgiving Day, and we’ve lots waiting, too.”

A tournament of cards was started quite soon,
A tradition of sorts with a trophy, win or lose.
More family came, all loaded with food.
The turkey was baking; we hoped to eat soon.

Tom the chef, kept close watch of the bird through the day,
While all visited, told jokes, laughed and watched children play.
And soon time arrived when family gathered to pray.
Each thanked the Good Lord for blessing He gave.

The turkey was carved and a piece placed on each plate.
The menu so full, selection was great.
Mashed potatoes with gravy, sweet potatoes and corn pudding,
Dressing, cranberry salad, pies, and persimmon pudding.

More could be named at this glorious feast,
plates full of food enjoyed by all.
Some would have seconds, but some had to rest.
Some watched TV games, I mean football.

Some played in the tournament hoping to win with their cards.
And some were just thankful with love in their hearts.


Wii Round One – Tennis Doubles


Wii Round Two – Victory


Top Chefs


Adorable Chef! (twin sis Sharon)


And . . . the Feast!

Here’s hoping you had a precious-memory-making Thanksgiving!


Sweet Comments

  1. Sounds like you had a blessed Thanksgiving, Linda! Thank you for sharing your mother’s poem … it’s beautiful!

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