Virtual Workshop – Part 1

I thought I’d share with you a little bit about my workshop preps. If you’ve considered becoming a demonstrator or coming to a workshop . . . here’s a little peak at the behind-the-scenes action.

My customers like to work at their own pace, so I set up stations around the house. That’s fun for me, too, because while they’re working feverishly, I get to float around the room and visit and assist. I usually set up three to four stations. This past November workshop I set up four stations with Christmas projects. Each lady received a bag with pre-cut paper and embellishments and they chose which stations to go to first. If their time was limited, they didn’t have to go through all the project stations.


Here’s station 1 where we made this card designed by the very talented Cyndee Rust.


I have lots of wonderful resources for my projects, including swaps from artists like Cyndee, Splitcoast Stampers, and the Stampin’ Up! publications and web site for demonstrators. The card in the next station may look familiar. It’s the card I originally designed as a tribute to my husband’s uncle’s seed business. I like trying to incorporate at least one or more new techniques in my workshops, and this card gave us a chance to make a shaker box.


You might remember this card from this post: Where do Snowmen Come From? I showed the ladies how they could tear fabric to make ribbon pieces, which is what I often use for wrapping Christmas presents. One yard of fabric will make enough ribbon pieces to last a lifetime.


And, in the kitchen, we had a third station.


I don’t have a picture of the project itself, so I’ll try to blow it up here.


Sorry, that’s really not a good picture. But, you can see I like putting the projects on display with these big clips, and I put them in clear envelopes so folks can pass them around without damaging the card. You may have noticed, I love Stampin’ Up! grid sheets, they’re just invaluable. And, since I can barely stamp without them, I wouldn’t ask my customers to stamp without them. I also don’t cut my ribbon only because I hate working with tiny pieces of ribbon . . . so my workshop folks are encouraged to cut their own large pieces of ribbon to work with.

Since this Purple Peaceful Wishes card takes some embossing, we set up a separate embossing station.


Can you see what my embossing tray it sitting on? Extra floor tiles are great for embossing because they tolerate the heat well.

There’s more . . . stay tuned for the sequel. We have one more station and a few other pix to share.


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  1. Awesome post, Linda! You are so very organized, and presented it so well here on your blog! Can’t WAIT for the sequel !!!!

  2. Aren’t you smart!?! The “behind the scenes” of a Stampin’ Up! Demo – heeheee! Maybe we should have our own reality show? Your class looks very well organized.


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