Virtual Workshop – Part 2

Ready for more behind-the-scenes, insider look at workshop prep? Here’s your back-stage pass.

Okay, here’s project station 4, which was kind of a multi-purpose and extra-credit station:


Because it’s the first station as you walk into the house, it also has the packets for the ladies to pick up for all their projects – there on the upper left corner. On the left side of the table, we did this sour-cream packet project.


And, on the right side of the table, we did the pop-up can project. Both of these are described in greater detail in this post: Goodie, Goodie.


After they picked up their packets and walked down the hallway to check out the other projects, my workshop ladies got to also check out some other project ideas – my inspiration board. Here’s how I display my latest collection of projects (sorry, it’s not the best quality picture).


Oh, yes, and there’s the business/transaction station (catalogs, pens, latest promotion, calculators . . . ) As you can see, it just sits on an unoccupied space, my piano.


Now, there’s nothing to do but wait for our guests. Mailey-dog is ready – she’s napping, but right at the door so she doesn’t miss greeting a single guest.


And now . . .

several hours later . . .

the aftermath . . .


I didn’t even serve alcohol this time. But, I always say about stamping, if you don’t get a little messy, you’re just not having enough fun. And, then, with Christmas cards, if you don’t leave with glitter all over you, you’re just not doing it right. (Poor Tom, I think there was even glitter in his bacon the next morning.)

I always have fun with my stamping ladies. Hope you had fun joining us this time.


Sweet Comments

  1. michelle endris says:

    Thanks for sharing your workshop ideas. Your tables look just like mine before and after the party. Ha. I wanted to ask where are you finding the fruit cup cans? I’ve gone to 4 different stores and can’t seem to find them. Do they not make them anymore?? Do you have any ideas??
    Thanks, Michelle

  2. Oh, Linda! I LOVE seeing what others of ‘us’ do! Gee wish I were not in NC, and I’d LOVE to come to one of your workshops! (and I love your stories!–I’d want to be sure to come to the ones with glitter!). ENJOY YOUR DAY, AND TFS!

  3. Hey Michelle, Since I don’t have your e-mail I guess I’ll answer your question here. In central Texas we have HEB grocery stores, and I found the pop-up cans there. DelMonte sells snack-size fruit cans, and HEB sells their equivalent, so I had a choice. Hope this helps.

  4. What fun Linda, I wish I could have joined you. I miss my holiday workshops so much.

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