A Calico Christmas

I promise – this will be the very last Christmas card for a while. I just love making Christmas cards so much . . . thanks for indulging me.

The very talented Janet Bradshaw taught some classes at Scrapbook Fever in Round Rock, Texas, this season on using Iris Folding to make gorgeous Christmas Cards. I can’t say enough nice things about both the store, Scrapbook Fever, and about Janet as an instructor. If you’re ever in the Central Texas area, don’t miss an opportunity to visit Scrapbook Fever and the very nice people there. And, Janet . . . my goodness. She puts all instructors (including me) to shame with her very generous packets of material, printouts with colored pictures, and, most importantly, her creativity and patience.

Janet’s Iris Fold cards reminded me a lot of quilting projects I did years ago, and, since using fabric in card making and scrapbooking is a hot new trend, I thought I’d change out the paper for fabric. After having a blast visiting quilting fabric stores again (and with Janet’s permission), here’s what I came up with.


I’m sorry the picture is just a little fuzzy. I used Stampin’ Up!’s paper piercing tool around the tree image, along with Stampin’ Up!’s hemp thread; buttons; and real red, basic black and garden green paper. The tree cutout is from the Cricut font, Christmas Cheer.

You can just Google "Iris Fold" to find many sites with Iris fold patters and instructions, but the best one I found is here, Circle of Crafters. As they explain on their web site, Iris Folding started in Holland, and it’s called "iris" folding because the center of the design resembles the iris of a camera or eye. You can also find a similar tutorial on Splitcoast Stampers here: Iris Twist, along with a good-size gallery of Iris Twist/Fold card samples, here.

Although this next card isn’t a traditional Iris Fold, it uses the same concept.


Thank you, Janet, for giving me permission to share your ideas and for teaching me this beautiful and fun technique!


Sweet Comments

  1. These are beautiful! The iris folds are really great! Happy New Year!

  2. I have enjoyed being subscribed to your site this past year. Love the calico iris folds here…Happy New Year!!

  3. I love iris folding and the papers you chose are perfect … beautiful holiday cards.

  4. WOW! These are gorgeous!!!!

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