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We had an absolutely fabulous Christmas. I hope you did,too. We were a little apprehensive, knowing this would be our first Christmas without our parents, but we made extra efforts to create new memories. And, after Christmas, we had a wonderful week-long visit from my adorable sister in Indiana.

One of our new adventures included our first visit to the annual Armadillo Christmas Bazaar, an Austin tradition full of local artists and musicians. There we met Ian Harris, at his booth, The Olde Press Prints of London. We learned Ian has a workshop in Pflugerville, Texas, where he collects and hand-crafts metal and wooden printing blocks, and their original cases. Since my first job out of college was as a typesetter, and you can use these blocks with ink pads like we do in rubber stamping . . . well, this was the perfect gift for me.

My husband and children picked out images that represent themselves out of Ian’s huge collection. Ben chose a fish for all the fun he had fishing with my Dad, and a saxophone for the instrument he played in school. Caitlin Jean chose bananas and a air balloon because, in her words, she’s a little bananas and loves to travel.


Tom chose a globe for his love of geography, and, being the romantic, a bicycle because we met each other through bicycling.


They made sure Mailey dog was represented.


And, the final product, looks like this, with space left over to add to the collection later.


I am so proud of this gift, I had to share it with all of you. I must have been a good girl this year.


Sweet Comments

  1. Happy New Year!! Big hugs and smiles!

  2. I love your new collection. I always look for these things when I go to antique shops and find them truly beautiful. What a wonderful gift!!!

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