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Healthcare_2As long as we’re web browsing (see yesterday’s post), I was reading an article in one of my nursing magazines that pointed me to this site, Our Texas primaries are less than a week away. I try not to vote for a candidate based on a single issue, but as a nurse, health care is definitely one of my primary concerns. If you want to quickly compare how each of the candidates proposes to address health care, you can go to this website, select the candidates you want to look at and get a side-by-side table to compare their proposals. It’s way cool. Here’s the link to generate your own comparison table:

2008 Presidential Candidate Health Care Proposals

It will spare you hours of deciphering through heated candidate debates . . . so you can spend more time stamping! – Hey, I’m here to serve.

Oh, this reminds me of one of my Dad’s jokes – we’re so overdue for one of his funnies. I hope I can do Dad justice.

A man went to the doctor complaining of an ear ache. The doctor looked in his ear and with amazement proclaimed . . . no wonder your ear hurts, you have a suppository in there. Oh, the man was so relieved . . . now I know where my hearing aid is!


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  1. Love the joke! I also enjoyed you blog. Fellow SUDSOL member.
    Have a great Day!

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