Spring’s Morning Yawn

Springtime is the land awakening.
The March winds are the morning yawn.
   ~Quoted by Lewis Grizzard in "Kathy Sue Loudermilk, I Love You"


Happy March! I had a blast decorating these little plastic eggs with the Love & Happiness Sale-a-bration rub-ons. Well, then, I got kind of carried way and decorated egg cozies and the egg basket. These rub-ons are just so much fun. I’m not sure if you can see it from the picture, but I dabbed some crystal effects in the butterfly image on the blue egg and sprinkled some microbeads on it. It’s looks glorious in person.

Easter68a_4Here in central Texas the redbuds and pear trees are just beginning to bloom, and I know Spring color is just around the corner. I was digging through some pictures this weekend and found this one taken some gazillion years ago.

My Mom always kept a beautiful flower garden in our backyard. I’d hold the water pitcher while she dug the hole and put the new flowers in the ground. In honor of Easter past and present . . . here’s my adorable twin and me, and the brother we tortured, in front of Mom’s garden on Easter morning – circa 1963. I’m the cutie in the right – don’t you love my brother’s crew cut and our bangs and bobby socks?


Sweet Comments

  1. Such a cute project! I was curious about something, and after reading your post yesterday about rub-ons, I thought you’d be a good person to ask :) Is there any way to seal the rub-ons when you put them on usable items like mugs so that they will stay after washing? Or are they only meant for projects that will be “look – don’t touch” ? Thanks so much! Deepa :)

  2. Okay – got some answers. There’s a thread at Splitcoast Stampers with some great ideas for rub-ons. Ladies there have tried washing by machine and hand, and the rub-ons completely disolve. Demonstrator Support told one lady who called that they can’t be sealed. Oh well, they’re lovely to look at. Here’s the thread:

  3. Great job. And it sure does put me in the Spring. I had another morning of having to get the snow off of my car here in Indiana. Your blog sure does put me in the mood for Easter and all the wonderful Spring changes that will be coming our way. Can’t wait.

  4. I love this! How did you get the speckles on the plastic eggs? This is so vintage and reminds me of when I was a child visiting my grandmother’s house. By the way, I looked like you when I was that age; with the same haircut :)

  5. Awesome idea with the eggs and bucket! Love it! You and your sister are so adorable! How fun it must be to be a twin! Your brother looks like he could hold his own…he must be twice your height in that picture! Then again, I don’t know much about the “twin” phenomenon! Thanks for sharing!

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