Purse-sue Your Dreams

Img_0982_copy_2 Well, my loves, it’s taken me nearly two weeks to put together this post. Not that it’s an especially difficult project, but that we’ve been so occupied that I’ve only been able to work on this project a few minutes at a time. Meanwhile, after being away so long, I have so much to tell you. So, get comfortable, we could be a while.

Image120_5This beautiful toddler is my baby-boy Ben. He was a year old and we had just moved to Austin. We were Indiana Hoosiers uprooted and doing our best to be good Texans.

Ben has always loved Austin, and though he couldn’t always say exactly what he wanted to be when he grew up, he knew he wanted to do it in Austin and be in the middle of what makes it such a great city. Last month, his dream came true. After graduating from a challenging university, bravely leaving the traditional desk job he hated, and then tracking down endless job leads, last month he found the the perfect job. I’m so proud of him for so bravely pursuing his dreams. He’s the new marketing web strategist for Paramount Theater. Paramount is an Austin icon and State landmark just blocks from the State capitol.

I could easily write a novel on how proud I am and what a great opportunity this is for him. We’ll just leave it with – I get free tickets! Okay, no more gossip and onto our project.

The brilliant mind that is Jan Tink may she live forever, created this incredible project, she called Carousel Notes Purse. After we sufficiently whined for the details, she took pity on us and created a tutorial, here. Patty Bennett played with the tutorial, too, and put together some beautiful variations, here. So, here’s my version . . . a pretty close likeness to Jan’s original.


My biggest variation (well, okay, nearly my only variation) to Jan’s purse is the blue flower. I used the Sky Blue re-inker to die the biggest flower in our Pretties Kit, and then stamped it with Chocolate Chip ink using the new Polka Dot background stamp. I used a 3/4" circle punch with Chocolate Chip paper and then added Crystal Effects and a flat-back pearl from the pretties kit. The other variation is the brown hinges on the side, made with Chocolate Chip paper, the corner rounder punch, and brads. Here’s a close-up of the flower.


And, here’s the back.


I don’t know if people still play this game at bridal showers . . . but "back in the day" the hostess would bring out a tray of 20 some items, maybe an array of kitchen gadgets, and she’d briefly show them to the guests. After she removed the tray, we were all challenged to write down everything we could remember that was on the tray. I always lost, but, that was okay, because the bride won all the contents of the tray anyway. Well, here’s are some trays of items used to make this project . . . the game begins now:


And . . .


And . . .


Shew – and there are several things not pictured. This is not for the weak. But, hang tight. To keep your computer from exploding from all the picture downloads, I’ll save the reveal of the inside of the purse and the details of all the ingredients to next time. Meanwhile, here’s another glorious picture of my boy – pursuing that dream on college graduation day. Yep, I’m a proud Mama!



Sweet Comments

  1. OMG your son is gorgeous! Oh, and so is the purse…I know you are proud of him…and I am so happy that he landed that job with Paramount! Cannot wait to see the inside of the purse :)

  2. I’m graduating in 4 weeks so I can definitely understand how proud you are of your son!!!
    That purse is ADORABLE! You’re so talented!! Love all the details.

  3. What a wonderful moment to see your boy graduate! You are blessed with a good family and I so enjoyed reading about them in your blog.
    I came here, though, to comment on your gorgeous purse folder and to thank you for the detailed instructions. Thank you for sharing, love your blog!!!
    Vickie Maduzia

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