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Img_0989_5My Grandma Black’s house was a simple farm home with just a few humble decorations. This little guy sat in her living room. I imagine it’s intended to be a flower vase, though I don’t remember it ever holding any flowers.

Of course, a big excuse I have for holding onto things is their sentimental value. Organization guru, Peter Walsh, says those family heirlooms can’t really all be that important to you if they’re collecting dust in a closet. So, put them out or weed them out. Yikes, guilty. This little guy was far too precious to collect dust – so I pulled him out of the closet and now he sits on my craft desk. I get to be reminded of Grandma every time I reach for my scissors.

I love finding personal and unique things to store my craft supplies. My scissor caddy is sitting on a quilt top made by a good friend, on my Dad’s old roll-top desk, and in front of the clock my Dad made for my Mom. For me, being surrounding by keepsakes is the best inspiration.

Tidbid Two. Today I am the survivor of a colonoscopy/endoscopy procedure. Yeah, a little TMI, I know. But, I want to let you know it’s important and very do-able. Check it out girls, I did most of it without any drugs. Yeah, I am absolutely nuts. I didn’t want the after effects of all the sedation and, crazy nurse that I am, I wanted to see what the doctor was seeing with the scope. Ultimately, the cramping got too rough and I asked for some drugs for the last few minutes. But, without all that extra sedation, I was able to pop right out of that stretcher, go eat a nice lunch with my wonderful husband, and I am wide awake and feeling great! The doctor said she’d never done the procedure without giving sedation, and when it was over, she asked me if I’d do it again next week. Okay, definitely not next week, but, yeah . . . feeling as good as I do tonight, I’m just nuts to try it again. It would definitely be TMI for me to share all the results with you, but I’m really glad I found out what I did so I can take better care of myself. So, girls, if you’re approaching that half-century point – time to get ‘er done.


Sweet Comments

  1. I too use a lot of “old” favorite things in my craft space. I love antiques and some of my favorite organizing items are being used in a non traditional way. I have a 1800’s round in pie keeper, that I have put a lazy susan inside and it holds all of my paints and daubers!

  2. brave lady!

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