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Img_1067_5Today's post doesn't really have a whole lot to do with stampin' but more about the people and places who inspire me. You know how it is when you live in a great city like Austin – you drive all around it but never stop to enjoy the sites. With Caitlin in town from University North Texas and Ben to be our tour guide (now that he lives and works downtown), the four of us journeyed throughout Austin this weekend. More like tourists than homees, we did our best to "Keep Austin Weird."

Caitlin hugged Mailey before we left. Yep, Mailey's giving her the cold shoulder for not inviting her.


We started at The Shady Grove for yummy frings and a Hippy Chick sandwich.


Ben and I haven't taken pictures of ourselves since losing a lot of weight, so here's a picture before the onion rings. (I've lost 52 pounds, but whose counting.) Me and hubby, Tom . . .


Ben and Caitlin . . .


Sufficiently full of beer and frings . . . we headed to Colorado street to check out stuff for Ben's new place. I drooled over Judy Paul's mixed media canvases, and Caitlin grabbed a miniature of a Herman-Miller Eames chair. (Caitlin says the original chair is a big deal and is part of the permanent collection of New York's Museum of Modern Art.)


Well, nothing in Ben's price range, so we headed to Austin's version of SoHo, South Congress Avenue, or SoCo. We found lots of promise for some great treasure hunting.


And, lots of t-shirts.


But, today was about finding things for Ben's apartment, and nothing was fitting the bill (or was, but was too big a bill). We headed up north to one of our stand-bys, The Container Store. We can always find something there, and Ben walked out with a nice full cart. Meanwhile, those frings were wearing off, so we headed north to The Cheesecake Factory. I couldn't talk anyone into fried macaroni and cheese, and, you know, I had to be good. It was such a gorgeous day! Here we are again – stuffing our faces.


Officially 21 years old two months ago, Caitlin wanted a picture of her sharing a beer with her Dad.


Time to get back to Mailey . . . stay tuned for day two.


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  1. Super Big Congrats on your weight loss (You Look FAAAAAAABULOUS) and thanks for the very fun tour of Austin! We do stuff like that here in San Francisco.. it’s WAY too fun to be tourists in your own home town!! Patty

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