Making the Ground Feel Needed (NSR)

Jogging is very beneficial.
It’s good for your legs and your feet.
It’s also very good for the ground.
It makes it feel needed.
           ~Charles Schulz, Peanuts

For those of you looking for stamping ideas, I hope you’ll pardon me this very self-indulgent, non-stamping related (NSR) post. I’m too excited – I have to share this with you. We Did It!!! I ran my first 5K (3 mile) race, and my son joined me.

We started the Texas Round Up race in front of the Texas Capitol – what a backdrop!


Here we are at the starting line (way in the back with about 6,000 other runners).


Here’s Ben with the big University of Texas football stadium in the background. Doesn’t it look like he’s leading the pack?


Here’s me, several minutes later and certainly not leading the pack.


We got to run right down historic Congress Avenue, across the Congress Avenue bridge (famous for its bats), and back up Lavaca and around the Capitol. Here I am crossing the finish line. My goal was to be able to run the 5K in less than one hour (and not finish last) . . . check out my time!


and there are even people behind me – I’m not last! I know, that’s definitely not record-breaking time. But, just five months ago I couldn’t last five minutes on the treadmill . . . here I am 52 pounds lighter and breaking at least a Linda McClain record! I was so proud, I nearly started crying. I settled instead for a big "Woo Hoo – I Did It!" How incredible was it that I got to run the race with Ben and that Ben and my Tom applauded me as I crossed the finish. I still tear up thinking about it. I even beat the Governor, Rick Perry, although he was running a 10K and I was running a 5K – that counts, doesn’t it?

Here are the champs – having just finished (and survived) the race!


And, because I love this picture and this moment so much, here we are again.


And, again . . .


in front of the Texas Capitol on what will always be a very historic day for me. Ben and I had so much fun, we think we’ve enticed Tom to join us and we’re picking out our next race.

As if this day weren’t already incredible, Ben gave Tom and me tickets go back to Congress Avenue again this evening and see a Beatles tribute band at the Paramount Theater. (Have I told you how proud I am that he’s working there? Yes I have, but I have to say it again!)

Okay, now I have to act my age and take a nap!


Sweet Comments

  1. congrats! great time too! i’m actually doing my first 5K next saturday and i’m so nervous. i wish i was as fast as you! thanks for the inspiration. =)

  2. Linda, thanks for sharing your accomplishments–both the weight loss and the 5K run are certainly something to be proud of! Thanks for the inspiration for healthy living, as well as the creative inspiration you share :-)

  3. Wow…Congratulations!!!! You should be very proud of yourself, both with the weight loss and the race.

  4. I am VERY PROUD of you! I don’t even know you, and I teared up reading of your accomplishments! To run with family cheering you on, meeting your goal – the best!

  5. You go girl!!! I am so proud of you…wish I had the incentive to go do what you did…You are to be amended :)

  6. Sharon Murray says:

    THAT’S MY SISTER. I am just so very proud of her, that I had to let the whole world know.

  7. WHhhhhhoooowwwwwwwwwww Dude that’s wonderful. Congratulations on all of the above. I can’t even imagine what that finish line felt like in your heart and soul. But love the idea of it. You make us all proud and inspired. TFS this is, as all of your blog is a great read. You look super.

  8. WOW, Linda! I am so very proud of you!!!! What’s more important is that YOU’RE proud of YOU!!! What an incredible accomplishment! You’ve come a long way, baby!!!! You go girl !!!

  9. That’s awesome Linda! Great job on your accomplishments! It’s been a while since I’ve seen you and you look great in your pictures!

  10. You are now officially my hero. :-)

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