Just Because – A RAP from Pam

Img_1156_copy_2Thank you all for the very generous comments you left about my Texas Round Up adventure. I got my official race results. They’re kind of embarrassing actually, but, then I just have to remember where I was a few months ago. My official chip time was 42:25. Out of the 372 people who paid a little extra to have a time chip, I came in 321. Well, at least I met my goal of finishing in under an hour and not coming in last, and I have a great jumping off point to improve my time.

I love Pam Downs’ work. She does the most creative things with punches and brads. Be sure and check out her gallery at Splitcoast, here. I was the very fortunate recipient of an random act of kindness (RAK), although Pam’s kindness is not random, it’s just who she is – a very sweet and generous person. She gave me this incredible card quite a while ago, and, shame on me, I’m just now sharing it with you.


This picture doesn’t do the card justice because you can’t see very well how the popped up the different layers, and you can’t see its fun closure clasp. I love how it opens like a file folder. To see another copy and see all the details about the card recipe, you can visit Pam’s card at her gallery, here. Be sure to leave her a comment and tell her Linda sent you.


Sweet Comments

  1. embarrassed about your time? are you serious? i think it’s great! and less than 15 minute a mile! don’t be so hard on yourself! you did awesome! and you should be proud! congrats to you!

  2. Congrats on your time…I need to make myself get up and move…you deserve this beautiful RAK…

  3. Too cute! I love what Pam did with this … those layers behind the sentiment are FANTASTIC!

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