Mom’s Favorite

My cousin, Elaine, sent me this. How to tell you're Mom's favorite . . .






Which reminded me of this from the Smothers Brothers in the late 1960's: Mom Always Liked you Best.



Which then reminded me of this – my adorable twin and me (from the early 1960's).


Yeah, that's me on the left holding my skirt so lady-like while my adorable sis enjoys all the toys.

Thank's 'Lanie, for the giggles.


Sweet Comments

  1. This post brought back many childhood memories that I hadn’t thought about in years…thanks for taking me back to those precious memories-

  2. That’s a darling picture; reminds me of my baby sister who would have been about that same age too! She got the toys, but you got the cute curls!

  3. I have a twin too. Our picture didn’t have toys. We shared everything. Never even dressed the same. Born 1964! I remember watching the Smothers Brothers comedy show. Those were great.

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