California Dreamin’

Woo Hoo – I never enter contests for blog candy, but Dianne Shiozaki's was so tempting, so, you know, I plunged. Greeting me this morning was her e-mail – I won! Woo Hoo! Check it out!

Blog Candy May 2008 (1)

If you haven't been to Dianne Shiozaki's blog, Catchin' the Stamp Wave, it's a gnarly surfin' trip. She lives in California and she's so much more hip than I am (I bet she doesn't even say gnarly.) I love this Stampin' a Surfer Birthday card she made with the All in the Family and Crab & Company stamp sets.

Thanks, Dianne – I am California Dreamin' Today!


Sweet Comments

  1. Love your blog Linda! thanks for the Kudos! (no I don’t use Gnarly…lol but the kids do!) congratulations!

  2. Linda ~ Love your sense of humour!!! Thanks for the heads up on this one :)

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