It Takes a Village

No, I'm not channeling Hillary. But, yes, it does take a village to keep me out of trouble and off the streets. Here's a big shout out to the villagers that showered me with kindness this week.

To Vivian Swain over at "Florida Stampin' with Vivian" for including me among her "Blog Finds of the Week," not once, but twice. Dang, I'm on a roll.

To Susanna Boyd, a.k.a. Barefoot Stamper, at "Card of the Week" for her shoutout about my chocolate cakes. Really, ladies, you have to check out her site. She is amazing!

To Frances and Marie for helping me make 300 butterflies, thirty-some pink icing tops, a dozen bottle tags, . . . but, more importantly, for their sweet friendships. I mean really, girls, my husband and I have been so joined at the hip for the last 25 years, raising our kids,working, taking care of parents . . . that a lot of my other friendships just kind of atrophied. The best thing about stamping is that it helped me meet some beautiful ladies, because, yes, I'd forgotten how really important it is to have girlfriends. Husbands are great, I highly recommend them, but having girlfriends to share pizza and my most private craziness – yes, Priceless!

To all of you for your very generous comments. Keep 'em coming – I love all of them.

We're off to Dallas this weekend to pick up my daughter from the airport. She's coming home from Hong Kong and there are rumors of gifts. To celebrate her return, we're going to Tom Colicchio's Craft restaurant. If you watch Top Chef, aren't you jeolous!? Stay tuned, I'm working on some chinese take-out boxes to share with you when I get back from the Big D.


Sweet Comments

  1. Elizabeth says:

    i wanna go to Tom’s restaurant.. so YES, I am quite jealous.. Can you believe Antonia got kicked off last week! that was tragic!

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