DIY Custom Silk Flower Embellishments

Rebekah Ludens of About.Com fame just posted a tutorial on how to make your own silk-flower embellishments, here: DIY Silk Flower Scrapbook Embellishments. Well, since she leaked my secret, I thought I'd show you how to make your home-made silk flowers match your Stampin' Up! colors.

Let me just say first, I absolutely adore the Pretties Kit. I love all the beautiful embellishments . . . the flat-back pearls, the hat pins, the assortment of flowers. (Girls, you cannot find those hat pins anywhere.) And, I love that they're all packaged in one box so I'm not running all over town. But, while preparing for a class on this purse/mini scrapbook, here, I ran out of the big flowers. It's just not practical to buy enough Pretties Kits to have enough flowers for all my stampers. So . . . plan B.

You did not hear this from me.

Start with a cheapy, $5.00 bouquet of artificial silk daisies from Michaels/Hobby Lobby.


Pluck the flowers off the bouquet . . . he loves me, he loves me not . . .


Make a mixture of about 1 to 2 teaspoons of water and enough drops of re-inker to get the color you want, and dye your flowers (+20 drop). In my picture I was dying my flowers to match the sky blue double stitched ribbon and carousel notes.


Presto-Chango – custom-colored homemade flowers. How do these stand up beside Stampin' Up! Pretties kit? Well, it's an almost exact match. I believe the Stampin' Up! flowers have a tighter weave and might fray less on the long run, and, of course, Stampin' Up!'s flowers will be archival safe – not so sure about the cheapy bouquets. I would definitely use Stampin' Up!'s, but, in a crunch, I hope this will help.

Now the fun really begins – did you know you can stamp on your flowers? Check it out. Here's my custom flower stamped with the Polka Dot background stamp using chocolate Chip Classic Ink. So fun!



Sweet Comments

  1. I’ll never tell… i’ve been known to fudge those too! Cute project!

  2. so super clever!!! love it…will have to try this cuz I was wondering what to do when my big flowers ran out too!! :)

  3. This is great Linda!! And I LOVE the polka dots stamped on the flower. That purse is sooo cute – if you ever do a class again you’ll have to let me know, I’d definitely drive up to Round Rock for that! :-)

  4. Brilliant idea, Linda!!! Now why didn’t I think of that?! It’s so practical!

  5. What a FANTASTIC idea — thanks for sharing!!!

  6. Great work!! I love those custom silk flowers very much.

  7. Awesome idea!! Thanks so much!