I love you Mom and Dad

That's my girl. Remember I wrote you that she made a bungy jump off the 10th largest tower in the world, the Macau Tower, while she was visiting Asia? Well, here's her pix. Yes, they give a Mom heart palpations.


This is just before her jump. The video is too large to upload, but I love that when they interviewed her for her last words she said "The glass is half full. I love you Mom and Dad!"

They wrapped towels around her ankles because look where they attached the bungy cord – to her feet!  Oh dear!


Like holding on to the back of her shirt is going to make any difference?!


No backing out now!


And, there she goes!


Look out below!


233 Meters, the world's highest bungy jump.

That's my girl!


Sweet Comments

  1. Oh my gosh.. I think my heart stopped just watching that!!!! Glad you BOTH survived… :) GREAT pix!! Patty

  2. OMG…I think I am feeling rather squimish! Glad to see you both lived to talk about it-and show us photos!
    I am now going to go and start breathing again…

  3. I’d be glad that I wasn’t there to see this one…You have a brave girl there Linda! BTW…You won the ‘blog candy’ I posted…So I need your addy :)

  4. Oh my word!!! What is she thinking???!!!!

  5. diane mcvey says:

    OMGosh, I almost DIE just looking at the pics, and I don’t even KNOW her!!! I am so afraid of heights!!! Bless you for having a brave daughter, if my boys tried that I would have to croak! 😀

  6. oh no no no no no – not me, not ever!!! she’s a very brave girl – that’s all i know!!

  7. What a JUMP !!!!!!

  8. Judi Hays says:

    Wow – that would get my vertigo going! Can’t you just feel the air break as she jumps!
    What I’d really like to know is who took those photos?!

  9. Judi – It most certainly was not me. I was tucked safely away in Texas. The folks who run the bungy jump included pictures and a video with her fee.

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