Staying Home

IMG_1273 My scrapbooking sisters and family have put up with my whining now for weeks about my cakes for the Stampin’ Up! convention in Salt Lake City. (You can read more about these cakes here.) With a lot of help from my Scrapalumtuous sisters (you know who you are), I finally finished and boxed up my cakes for UPS to ship ahead so they’ll be there when I arrive next week.

Here they are in all their glory – 330 hand-cut, embossed and embellished butterflies; 110 paper pierced, embossed and scored pink tops; 110 hand torn, dry embossed and glitter-glazed vanilla icing pieces . . . boxed up and ready to ship. Eleven boxes for eleven cakes with ten cake slices each.


But, what’s that spot on the table?


A little closer inspection . . .


Gracious gravy, it’s a wayward butterfly. This little guy somehow escaped. I guess his flight to Salt Lake City just got canceled, and he’ll be staying home.


Sweet Comments

  1. Oh wow! I feel like saying, “I’m not worthy, I’m not worthy”. I am in your swap, and although I am proud of my swap item – WOW. Yours is the swap item I am most looking forward to receiving – hee hee. THanks for all of your wonderful hard work and time. Love your blog!

  2. hope you get some great stuff in return! swapping is always one of my favorite things about convention!

  3. Elizabeth says:

    you are TOO funny… :)

  4. WOW…I don’t know how you did it! I hope the recipients know how lucky they are! You are my stampin’ hero!! :) have fun in slc!

  5. WOW,I surely wish I was in on that swap! Holy Cow, that is a lot of work! I just absolutely love your cake – that is what first caught my eye about you for being showcased as my featured artist:))
    Your article was just way too funny too, especially the part about the wayward butterfly not getting to travel!
    I hope to see you at Convention!
    Lynn Larson

  6. You totally amaze me- I can’t believe all your hard work and am glad you got some help!! Now, where exactly will this precious beauty be at convention, so i can see it in real life??!

  7. Kadie Labadie says:

    Okay Linda…you mean your not going to take all the boxes apart and figure out where this butterfly goes???????? (JUST KIDDING) – AWESOME project-I know everyone who will be receiving this at conference will be THRILLED! GREAT JOB! Kadie