A Sneak Peep

So, if you’re caught looking in someone’s window, you’re a peeping Tom, right? Well, since this is a preview of the new Window Dressing stamp set, we’ll call this a Sneak Peep. And, stampers, the only credit I can take for these beautiful cards is that I put out the challenge.

I spent a fantabulous, fabulouso weekend with my Scrapalumtuous Sisters in a beautiful, remote Texas retreat setting. (More about that later.) Meanwhile, you know you’re scrapbooker when  . . . you take more pictures of the cards and scrapbooks than the beautiful Texas sky. Here’s a little of both.

Marie Redman and Frances Lewis are my inspiration. They are more passionate about scrapbooking than just about anyone I know and they like to challenge each other. They start with a stamp set or paper, and with no peaking, simultaneously make something. Check out what they did!


Can’t you just hear the birds chirping outside the window on a Spring morning? You can barely see it, but Marie put just a little acetate in the window so it looks like the window is open.


Frances propped up the shudders and added a scalloped window shade and a hint of a sun. I love the Cuttlebug background – looks like the side of the house. I gotta say I’m a slow designer, and they whipped these together in no time. And, while they were designing away, here’s what was just outside our window.


Thanks Frances and Marie for all you do.  And thanks for being my guest designers today.



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