Horns AND Teets?

Okay, I learned something this weekend at our Texas Scrapalumtuous Sisters retreat. Did you know that Mama Longhorns have horns, too? Hey, I was raised in Indiana, and in the suburbs no less.


This was taken by one of my stamping sisters immediately outside our bunk house. The setting inspired a lot of fantastic Texas-themed cards from scrapping wrangler, Frances Lewis. Frances can wrangle a card out of any wild piece of paper or embellishment. Check it out.


And . . .


(Isn’t that laced up side amazing?) And . . .


That’s an actual charm hanging off the strap, see? (You can click on the picture to enlarge it.)


Oh, and here’s one other critter, me. Jan got a pretty good picture of me doing, what else, making paper cakes. And, no, I don’t have horns or teets. More Texas pix to come before I head to Salt Lake City.



Sweet Comments

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Hey lady- thanks for posting a pic of yourself. You totally need to change your pic on the right. You look great! have you lost weight since that pic? now I’ll know what you look like when I see you walking in the hallway at Springhill!
    see you in 4 short days!

  2. Laura Venvertloh says:

    I love your Texan cards! Too cute and rustic too! I am a North Texas girl. It is nice to see a fellow Texan on-line! Thanks for the giggles on the last picture!
    Have a great time at convention! I will go next year.

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